I know you’ve done it. Every Friday night you make a pledge to go to the farmers market the next day, but every Saturday morning you find yourself moseying to the grocery store in your sweats to pick up a carton of eggs. What about the rest of your groceries? Pshh I’ll get those. At some point.

Our lives are on a constant move, always busy, and because of that, shifting to a sustainable lifestyle isn’t always on your mind or at the top of your priorities. The shift is a hard one, and that’s why innovative companies like Greenling are helping people make going green easier.

Photo Courtesy of Greenling via Dallas Eater

Greenling is a company that is trying to bring local, organic foods to the people without leaving a big carbon footprint. Greenling is an online organic food store where one can purchase foods from local organic-certified farmers and have their groceries delivered right to their doorstep. The amount of fuel it takes Greenling to bring healthy, nutritious food to its customers is 85% less than if their customers hopped in their cars and took off to the grocery stores themselves. How’s that for going green?

I encourage you to check out Greenling’s site; see the abundance of organic foods they have to offer, learn about the farmers that produce the foods, and even take a whack at some of the recipes on Greenling’s blog! With the help of Greenling, going green is now more within your reach.