Photo by Jess Watson via Dog Island Farm

Photo by Jess Watson via Dog Island Farm

The self-sufficient lifestyle is certainly growing in popularity these days and it’s intertwining itself nicely with the going green movement.

Starting a garden. The idea sounds great. No need to go to the grocery store to pick up veggies for dinner, just pull them right out of your garden. That’s as fresh as fresh can get. But if you’re a newbie to urban farming, your mind may be spinning once you’ve established your plot. The possibilities on what to grow are endless, the number of books on urban farming are bottomless, and there are so many gardening do’s and don’ts you have yet to learn.

A new gardening app that is hoping to launch soon, Argisaurus, has been designed to help people in these exact situations. They understand that kicking off your first garden can leave you feeling lost, that’s why this app will help you setup your plot, plant the right plants for the season, and maintain your garden so that you can get the most out of your time and money. Agrisaurus will help you space your crops for best growing and develop a planting schedule based on the climate in your area. You can even arrange to receive alerts for tasks that help you manage your garden.

I think this gardening app is a genius idea. Many people shy away from sustainable living because they do not have the knowledge or resources on how to do it. Now gardening is made simpler as this app guides you through the process. Better yet, incorporating the latest technology is a great way to get people to shift to a sustainable lifestyle; its fun and convenient.

If you are interested in this app, help back Agrisaurus so they can launch to the public soon!