Let’s face it, going green isn’t always such a pretty sight. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time! In fact, there are many ways to go green beautifully. Here are ways to go green that are sure to brighten up your life:

1. Use a mug: If you are going to stay a while in a coffee shop, ask for your latte in a mug instead of a recyclable coffee cup. Making coffee cups requires energy and recycling them requires energy too. Sometimes the cups don’t even make it to the recycle bin. Help reduce the shops demand for coffee cups by asking for a cozy mug of coffee.


Photo by Gwen Fyfe via Flickr CC

Photo by Gwen Fyfe via Flickr CC


Photo from A Beautiful Mess blog

2. Shop at thrift stores or make your own stylish pieces out of old clothes you already own! Here is an example from A Beautiful Mess. Instead of chucking your old vans, give them a makeover.


Photo from Peter Beardsley via Flickr CC

Photo from Core Architect

3. Exercise in the great outdoors! Using fitness equipment in gyms like treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and their accompanying TV screens requires electricity. Make your workout a more beautiful experience by going on a hike or running through trails.
4. Dine by candle light with that special someone.
a. Use an old colander for a planter. Check out http://themicrogardener.com.
b. Reuse those wine corks!
c. Reuse dresser drawers to create new furniture pieces

BKR glass water bottles 6. Buy a pretty reusable water bottle. You can find these bottles here.