One of the biggest questions environmental activists ask is how they can bring science to the public. How can they raise awareness for an environmental cause? Global warming is causing ice to melt, leading to flooding, loss of habitats, loss of animal species, leading to climate change, leading to extreme weather events; the list of effects is endless. Harvesting of nonrenewable energy sources, such as oil, and deforestation only perpetuate global warming. Did you know that 80 percent of the world’s forests have already been destroyed?

So the question is, how to do we inform people about the effects humans are having on the planet, and better yet, how do we get them to care?

Environmental and wildlife activists have taken a marketing approach to in order to bring what they find in the lab into public eye. Like any other company selling a product, they are selling an idea, selling facts, and they are trying to get their audience to care about it.  Here are five creative guerrilla marketing campaigns for environmental cause that were sure to catch the public’s attention, bring a message across, and engage the public.

“Fashion Claims More Victims Than You Think” by World Wildlife Fund

Greenpeace guerrilla marketing campaign against Volkswagen.