green living

Image courtesy of Rento.rm on Flickr.

We are beginning to see a greater social change when it comes to being environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. Individuals are becoming more aware of their environmental impact and doing what they can to reduce it. And leading the charge should be Corporate America.

Going green has appeal in a variety of ways. Not only does it sustain this planet we call home, but it also is just good business. We all know that businesses (whether we like it or not) have the power, money, and influence to lead social change, and businesses that go green are taking steps in the correct direction.

Being eco-friendly is an inspiration to both employees and customers. It shows that the company has a certain amount of humanity, no matter how large the corporation. It creates a more positive, healthy environment for workers, reduces waste and, and lightens the carbon footprint we leave.

It’s also great for complying with new legislation and laws on energy usage and emissions. Businesses can also get tax credits and incentives for going green. And by reducing waste, a company becomes more efficient financially, trimming off unnecessary costs. And in some cases, it can also reduce chemicals in the workplace (as with green cleaning products).

And, studies have shown that the pubic holds companies who go green in higher respect. Many companies who are well known for being “green” companies have seen increases in profits due to positive customer responses.

No matter the practical environmental effect a firm has, there is no reason it shouldn’t be actively working to protect the environment. Moody’s Corporation, headed by CEO Raymond McDaniel, is one such company that has taken the initiative and is moving in the correct direction with corporate responsibility:

“The PLANET bottom line measures a company’s awareness of and contribution to a healthy and vibrant planet. Although Moody’s is not in an industry with a comparatively significant environmental impact, we are actively committed to doing our part to protect and care for the environments in which we live and work.  Focusing on the planet means far more than just clean air, clean water and the preservation of natural resources: Just as important is a dedication to sustainable economic development to help grow and advance communities around the world. Moody’s philanthropy in this area, including work in microfinance and workforce development, enables people to become more financially independent, thus creating economic value for themselves, their families and their communities.”

Being environmentally friendly is everyone’s responsibility—because we all live on this earth together. If we don’t respect and nurture the health of our planet, we will deplete it to the point of it being uninhabitable.