braided grass ring

Image courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt on Flickr.

Today the wedding madness is madder than ever. While some couples opt for a conventional wedding with friends and family or are running off to Las Vegas to get hitched, others are dedicating hours to planning a uniquie, nonconventional wedding.

Creative weddings are all the rage these days, and some couples are doing this by tying the knot in a greener, eco-friendly way. Did you know that every wedding produces approximately 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600 lbs. of garbage? There are about 2.5 million weddings a year in the U.S. alone! That’s a whole lot of garbage…

So what is a green wedding? Essentially it’s a wedding where the couple tries to reduce the impact their wedding has on the planet by making greener choices in planning their wedding. But you don’t have to wear a potato sack for your wedding dress to be eco-friendly; green weddings are as elegant as conventional weddings.  It’s about substituting parts of your wedding with eco-conscious decisions. Better yet, green weddings can also save you bucks.

Your wedding can be as green as you want it to be. Rings can be conflict-free, your seafood dinner can be sustainable, your invites recyclable, your flowers organic, decorations reused; the list is endless. Here is a snippet of ways people are making their weddings green—aren’t they eco-chic?


Brides can substitute their conventional cosmetics, which usually contain toxic chemicals, with all-natural products.

local flowers

Image courtesy of liz west on Flickr.

Choose local, organic blooms that have not been sprayed with pesticides and fungicides.

Organic food

Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture on Flickr

Choose local and organic foods for your wedding and rehearsal dinner.


Eco-friendly invites!