Treehugger has recently came out with its 2012 holiday green gift guide. If you just couldn’t find the right gift for that special someone on Black Friday, I highly suggest you check out a few of Treehugger’s green gift guides. What’s great about these guides is that they are categorized based on the type of person you are giving a gift to. There’s: The Design Junkie, The Foodie, The Health and Wellness Guru, The Green Geerk, The DIY’er, The Kid, The Fashion Bluff, The Pop Culture Fan, The Animal Lover, and The Outdoors Enthusiast.  The gifts in these guides are certainly one-of-a-kind, and are the types of awesome gifts that you would not necessarily take a second glance at or take a moment to read about amongst holiday shopping madness. Here is a sneak peak of what kind of items you’ll find in Treehugger’s holiday guide. With such variety, great quality, and uniqueness, you’ll surely find a gift that strikes your fancy.

 For The Outdoors Enthusiast, or the average hipster, this messenger bag from Recycled Waders, is assembled by hand from deconstructed waders from none other that Seattle (of coarse). This bag can be used for any occasion. If you’re a Seattle-lite you’ll most likely find it strapped to your back on your morning bicycle commute.

For The Green Geek: You don’t have to have a green thumb to plant a successful garden, let technology do the work. The GrowGuard kit measures and records soil moisture levels, temperature, and light levels. There is also an option where you can arrange for an alarm to go off to remind you to water your plants.

For the Foodie: A great gift for the caffeine addict. Hands-down the Brooklyn Roasting Company has the coolest looking coffee around. They are committed to growing methods that are Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and organic. This makes a great holiday gift that one can brew Christmas morning.

For The Design Junkie: Jubel Self-Watering Plant Pot from Ikea.