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Image courtesy of Umberto Brayj on Flickr

The term “guerilla gardening” has been spreading around like rapid fire, but what is it exactly? It’s a kind of activist gardening where urban gardeners are beautifying their city by planting gardens in abandoned, desolate lots. Guerilla gardening involves planting anything from flowers to crops.

This is quite a radical movement and somewhat controversial since these gardeners are essentially gardening on land that they do not legally own. Some gardeners are very secretive and plant their gardens in the dead of night. But these gardeners are not dangerous; they intend to do good by making the community look beautiful. If you catch a guerilla gardener in the act, thank them!

Guerilla gardening tactics:

Seed-bombing: Throwing balls of mud imbedded with wildflower seeds, clay, compost, and water into areas in need of some green. Seed-bombs are also reffered to as green grenades.

Get creative:

Moss graffiti: A biodegradable spray paint made of moss, sugar, and beer or yogurt. Great for sending empowering messages!

Location, location, location: One of the best tips of the trade is choosing to garden in a place that one passes by often. This way it will be easier to water and tend to the plants. Abandoned flowerbeds and flower pots are hot spots for planting.

Launch an attack: Guerrilla gardening should be fun and sneaky. Organize a large group of guerilla gardeners and prepare a plan of attack!

Get the look: Garden clogs and boots are the hot new thing!

I hope this post has inspired you to start guerilla gardening. I think it’s great that people are putting in the time and effort to make their communities a better, more beautiful place to live.