It’s easy to think and talk about global warming and the changes that need to be done to fight it, but it’s much harder to get up and do something about it—especially if you don’t know where to start. Alone, we can only accomplish so much; but together, we can accomplish much more. That’s why NYCHA residents have pulled together to form Resident Green Committees (RGCs).

RGCs are made up of NYCHA residents that are worried about climate change and want to do their part to fight it while preserving public housing. RGAs plan projects, organize events, and educate others about environmental and energy issues. Environmental Coordinator Margarita Lopez heads NYCHA’s green initiative, which promotes environmental sustainability within the organization.

Green NYCHA shows that residents “truly understand that the only way NYCHA and the rest of humankind can resolve its problems is to work together,” Margarita Lopez said in a statement to RGC members. Indeed, RGCs are helping to increase energy efficiency in residential buildings, reducing NYCHA’s carbon footprint, saving money on energy, and collaborated to make NYC a better, greener place.

Perhaps the best part about the RGCs is that they are resident led and independent. That means that residents can pursue the initiatives they are most interested, passionate, and invested in—projects have included everything from clean up days to establishing recycling programs to planting gardens to training for jobs in the green field.

As the Environmental Coordinator, Margarita Lopez has played a large role in promoting the formation of groups like NYCHA RGCs. She’s made it her personal mission to educate the community on best practices and provide resources that enable residents to live a greener life. NYCHA recently partnered with the Rooster Design Group through desigNYC, creating a pamphlet called “The Power is in Your Hands,” a straightforward and visually appealing document that helps residents understand how they can reduce their own carbon footprints.

To learn more about Margarita Lopez NYCHA check out her profile.