Image courtesy of woodleywonderworks

Image courtesy of woodleywonderworks

Feeling stressed, bored or just want to reboot for the week? Since your bedroom is often a place to go for peace, self-expression, and sleeping, why not focus on yourself and making your room peaceful this week with a few whole living ideas? Sometimes making some minor changes can help you get out of a rut. Here are some ways to go green in the home and to create a peaceful room for yourself.

  • Add some green: The color green has been considered the most soothing color for the eye. It has a calming effect and it can help reduce stress. Green your room for tranquility and health.
  • Feng shui your bedroom:
    • Move your bed to a place where you can see the door when you sleep
    • Move your mirror if you can see yourself in it upon waking up
    • Make sure you bed is approachable from both sides
    • Only have one night-stand? Get another one for the other side (time to go recycled furniture shopping!). “Items in twos create harmony in a room.”
    • Get rid of all the mess and clutter
    • Bring in a cozy blanket or a rug
    • Purify the air in your room with an air-filtering house plant
    • Switch to energy efficient bulbs like LEDs or compact fluorescents.
    • Unplug your lamps, stereo, other electronics and turn off your computer when you leave to save energy.
    • Save a glass bottle, use as a vase!

      Detox Water

      Image courtesy of adinaplus via Flickr

    • Recycle, recycle, recycle: Most people only have one trashcan in their room. With only one trashcan it is tempting to throw away papers and bottles in the garbage rather than making a trip to the recycling bin downstairs. Save yourself and the environment trouble by creating a special bin(s) for recycling.
    • Out with the old: Wanting to de-clutter your closet? Recycle your old clothing by giving it away to Goodwill or bringing it into a recycled fashion store.
    • Focus on you:
      • Detox water: Flush impurities out of your system with a detox drink with lemon, cucumber, mint, and blueberries.
    • Add a plant, nature is calming: