Need some other sources for everything green? Check out our suggestions below!
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Other than here of course, we wanted to share with you some of the best environmentally friendly media sites on the Internet.  Now you can fill your RSS reader with everything green, from business to climate science to homesteading heaven. Here are our picks: is a nonprofit media website reporting on climate science, politics, food and green lifestyle with an extra helping of snark.  The writing is witty and up to date and you can always find out what part of the climate crisis the congress is fighting about this week.

Rodale is a media company dedicated to promoting health, wellness and organic living.  You can find recipes, details about the dangers of conventional and processed foods and tips on how to be of sound mind and body.    The company also publishes Men’s Health and Prevention magazine, and manages the nonprofit Rodale Institute, which works to promote sustainable farming practices and humanitarian efforts.

Treehugger is an eco-friendly media site focused on green design, technology and business, but covers a wide range of topics as well, from native species to women’s role in climate change.  It uses excellent quality graphic design and pictures to make green living look really good.  Lloyd Alter, the managing editor of Treehugger, is dedicated to the idea that achieving sustainability is about everyone using less space, land, food and energy.

Sightline is a Pacific Northwest focused organization that collects climate related headlines into a daily digest.  The digest includes studies, articles and blog posts that staff finds interesting and relevant and sends them daily in an email to subscribers.  The Sightline Institute also conducts research to support the case for environmental conservation and participates in outreach to make the world more sustainable. While the organization focuses on the North West, much of the information is relevant to any green living enthusiast.

There also “green” sections of The Huffington Post, the New York Times and many other major media sites.  There are also many other natural lifestyle sites out there, but our top four picks cover a range of themes and cut back on fluff, providing information on green living that is clear, relevant and interesting.