Powerful figures like Al Gore, Marvin Odum, and Sally Jewell make fierce allies.
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Powerful public figures can make fierce allies, and that’s no secret. That’s why these three eco-friendly public figures are so incredibly important to the sustainability movement. Not only are they powerful and well-known figureheads of various business and political realms, but they’ve also been making waves in the news lately. Check it out:

Al Gore Praises Obama’s Speech on Climate:

Last week, President Obama addressed an audience at Georgetown University to discuss climate change and announce new policy regarding carbon emissions and limiting the construction of new power plants.  Environmental leader and activist Al Gore calls the speech “terrific and historic, by far the best address on climate by any president ever.”  He says that Obama’s policy decisions are bold actions, yet realistic in relation to the current political atmosphere. That is a resounding endorsement from the man who has a Nobel Prize for his work raising awareness on climate change.

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Marvin Odum Speaks on Sustainability at Ideas Festival:

The Aspen Ideas Festival wrapped up this week.  It was a huge gathering of scientists, executives, activists and policy experts that came together to discuss politics, development, the environment, technology, arts, culture, and more.  Among the major speakers in the environmental segment was Shell Oil chief executive officer, Marvin Odum.  Odum seems an unlikely voice for a cause that largely demonizes fossil fuel companies, but he makes it clear that sustainable development is crucial to everyone.  As a company, Shell is beginning to diversify its energy portfolio in preparation for transition away from petroleum.  This includes the controversial investment in natural gas, which is has a lower carbon footprint than oil, but also investments in wind and other carbon neutral fuels.

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Tribal Leaders Stand Up for Sally Jewell:

In her first address to the National Congress of Native Americans in Reno last week, new Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell spoke with emotion, passion and conviction about her responsibility to the Native American people.  The teary speech lead to a standing ovation from the delegates gathered to hear her talk.  In her speech, Jewell focused on support Tribal sovereignty, a commitment to the backlog of repairs in schools, and sustainable economic development on tribal lands to help communities thrive.  Jewell is a native of the Pacific Northwest and founder of outdoor company REI, and her ties to the environment lend trust and credibility to American Indians. Her extensive experience makes her one of the most powerful eco-friendly public figures in the nation.

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