Save the Manatee

Save the Manatee Club hopes to prevent the extinction of manatees.
Image: STMC

Gliding gracefully through the water, the gentle creature swims up alongside the humans. Her back is naturally smooth, but the years have proven hard and her many scars show it. She is gentle and sweet, living to lounge in the water and graze on nearby vegetation. But she is not fast, and she could not avoid being hit by the many boats that have come her way. But even with the scars, she feels lucky; nearly half of her companions died after being hit by boats, sliced by propellors or caught in fishing nets. She is a manatee, and every day her existence is threatened.

It wasn’t always this way. Prior to human interference, manatees were able to lead their quiet existence without the threat of extinction looming around every corner. But with the invasion of their natural habitat, things have become more difficult for the manatees. We pose a direct threat to manatees, and now the only solution to prevent their extinction is to act.

Save the Manatee Club, located in Maitland, Florida, is doing just that. Visit their profile to find out what needs to be done to save the manatees.