E-Waste is a serious problem, and one that LESEC is trying to address.
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In recent years, campaigns urging communities to recycle rather than to waste have truly impacted the quality of life for urban dwellers. In our modern age, an issue that has become increasingly prevalent with the growth of new technologies regards electronic waste, or E-waste. A few decades ago, E-waste wasn’t something that many people were concerned with recycling – mostly because items we use now, like computers, home printers, cables and phones weren’t around then. Today, the question at hand is, how can we dispose of these things while being environmentally conscious?

Did you know that, according to the E.P.A., electronic waste contributes 70% of the toxins found in landfills, while only contributing 1% of the volume of materials in landfills? The Lower East Side Ecology Center in NYC reports that E-waste contains many toxic materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, phosphors, and flame-retardants. The LESEC is dedicated to programs that increase awareness about disposing of E-waste properly, because recycling your electronics instead of throwing them in the garbage “decreases energy and water use, reduces pollution, and keeps hazardous chemicals out of our air and water.” These things are critical in an urban environment, which is already at risk for more pollution than other areas.

Happily, the LESEC’s mission is catching on, with other organizations around New York City taking notice and taking part in upcoming E-waste recycling events. The Battery Park City Authority, a group dedicated to community renewal, is teaming up with the Lower East Side Ecology Center to hold a free “Electronic Waste” recycling event on Saturday, September 28th. The event will invite people from the community to gather to discard their unwanted electronics, while raising awareness about the importance of recycling E-waste. Board members of the Battery Park City Authority include New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Carl Mattone, President of the Mattone Group, one of the city’s most prominent development companies, whose vision for community renewal includes a greener, more sustainable Batter Park City.

With E-waste recycling events being promoted by some of NYC’s biggest companies and community advocates, the future of the five boroughs looks a little greener.

Electronic Waste Recycling Day at Battery Park City will be held on September 28th from 10:00am-4:00pm at the South End Avenue at Liberty, NYC.