African Wildlife Foundation

Will Africa be so beautiful in the future? The African Wildlife Foundation wants it to be.
Image: Shutterstock

Africa’s landscape is the stuff of dreams.  Her animals are like a menagerie, full of wild colors and patterns.  We imagine all of this will always be there when we are ready to go on safari.  However, the fact is these wild places and animals are threatened every day by poachers, environmental destruction and pollution.

The African Wildlife Foundation works to sustain the people, land and animals all across the continent.  They have a three-tiered approach to solving the current problems.  They work toward land and habitat protection, community empowerment and economic development.

AWF improves the lives of local people by offering jobs, conservation training and educational opportunities, all while saving wildlife.  They offer training in sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism in exchange for setting aside land. They work toward sustainable economic development, which helps communities thrive.

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