Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society in Utah wants every pet to have a home.

What is one of the biggest fears about having to give up a beloved pet?  Undoubtedly, for many people the answer is that they won’t be adopted and will eventually be put to sleep at a shelter.  The good news is that there is an animal shelter and sanctuary that never kills any animal that walks, or hobbles, though the door.

The Best Friends Animal Society’s goal is that no more animals will ever be killed.  They want to place as many as possible in loving homes across the country.  They even have branches in three states to accommodate everyone.

Once you find out the sad statistics about what happens to many animals at shelters, it will chill you.  The numbers are staggering and makes us want to go adopt a pet right now!

If you ever feel like visiting a breathtaking canyon valley in Utah, you know where to go to see animals of all persuasions.  It’s worth the trip.  Just don’t expect to come home empty-handed.

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