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EarthCorps is working to make the world a better place to live.
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If you have ever been hiking and noticed discarded beer cans or garbage left from previous campers it might have made you angry.  If you were on an urban safari and noticed ivy growing down into an embankment, you might have thought it was beautiful until you noticed how it choked out all the other native plants.

EarthCorps is all about bringing back natural, native plants to the Cascades region, which extends from Vancouver, Washington to Vancouver, British Columbia.  It is based on a community approach to restoration.  The goal is to eventually get to the point where the plants are self-sustaining and can thrive once again.

It’s not only plants they aim to restore.  EarthCorps volunteers build self-confidence when they roll up their sleeves and start digging in the dirt.  Seeing the results of hard work and the change in the area they restored feels good.

The feeling is contagious and has grown the organization into what it is today.  Working together with schools and science programs, EarthCorps brings the learning from the classroom to the great outdoors. Click here to read EarthCorps’ complete profile on Environmental Watch.