One World Trade Center, NYC

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in NYC, standing at 1,776 feet.
Image: Shutterstock

As news of One World Trade Center’s 2014 completion creates a buzz among New Yorkers, many are curious about how the new skyscraper will match up against the iconic Twin Towers. Already being ranked as one of the safest buildings in the world, One WTC is also being praised for its remarkably sustainable, environmentally conscious design and execution.

According to gbNYC, One World Trade Center is “an eye-opening exemplar of green design,” making it not only one of the largest buildings in the world (and the tallest in New York at a remarkable 1,776 feet), but also one of the greenest. Some of the features of the new World Trade Center building include: automatic interior office dimming, C02 monitors, efficient building systems, locally sourced landscaping, recycled rainwater, recycled-content building materials, and waste steam recycling.

With its environmentally sound design, One World Trade Center will fit right in with its Battery Park City surroundings. According to the Battery Park City Authority, With more than five million square feet of environmentally sustainable construction on its 92-acre site, Battery Park City is the largest ‘green’ neighborhood in the world.” This green reputation is made possible due in part to the Authority’s passionate leadership. Real estate developers like Carl Mattone, as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo and Martha J. Gallo have helped increase Battery Park City’s amount of green spaces and sustainable buildings exponentially in recent years.

Described as “Safe, sustainable, and artistically dynamic,” when completed One World Trade Center will be a symbol for global commerce, American resilience, and environmental innovation.

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