Amour Vert, French for “green love,” is a new fashion label whose love of fashion only matches their love of the planet.  Fashion is “the second-highest pollution-producing industry worldwide after big oil.”  We are already seeing the effects of climate change and damage to the environment.

Amour Vert, Green Love fashion

Amour Vert, or “Green Love,” is a new fashion label that’s all-natural and sustainable.
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So, it’s high time for somebody in the fashion industry to make a plan to change things.  One designer, Linda Balti, has had a career that has taken her from engineering simulators for fighter jets to fighting for ecologically sound fashion. Balti, born in Paris, searched for clothing lines that emulated a sustainable model.  What she found was that those lines were either too causal or too expensive.  So, she started her own line, Amour Vert.

According to Balti and her husband and CEO partner Christoph Frehsee, “We believe the woman of the 21st century shouldn’t have to sacrifice her style for sustainability.”

In order to live up to their standards, the duo made sure all of the dyes for the clothing were natural.  They use vegetable and non-toxic synthetic dye and maintain a zero-waste policy.  Their cotton is all organic and they often use natural silks.  The pair also wanted to make sure their products were locally produced.

Balti and Frehsee now live in Palo Alto, California.  Most of their garments are knitted or sewn in Los Angeles, with the exception of some hand-loomed scarves made in India.

To further make the world a better place, the pair has even pledged to plant a tree for every t-shirt sold with the help of the nonprofit American Forests.  So far, they have planted over 1,500 trees and counting.