American Forests

American Forests is helping protect and restore our forests.

If you have ever had the chance to get out for a walk in the forest, you know the peace and calm it brings you.  All your problems start to melt away as you still your mind and start to hear the sounds of the forest.  The sounds are slower than city sounds, so you need to listen closer to hear them.

Forests provide so much richness to our lives.  Not only do they create a sanctuary for walking, but they purify our air and provide habitat for animals.  We literally could not live without them.

That’s what American Forests would like us to know.  They are a nonprofit organization working to protect and expand our forests on a local and national level.  They are both advocates and industry workers.  They assist in getting forests to regrow after a natural disaster and revitalize watersheds.  They are working for the future of all forests.

To learn more about American Forests, please read their complete profile on Environmental Watch.