Brickman Group recycle

Brickman Group is a leader in sustainability.
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For some landscaping companies, overlooking ways to stay current with sustainable practices isn’t just bad for the earth; it’s bad for business. One company that is committed to employing green strategies is the Brickman Group, a leader in commercial landscaping, and one of the oldest companies of its kind. It’s a leader in marketing itself, as well as in pioneering ways to be green. With more than 160 branches serving 29 states, Brickman is an industry trailblazer, and one that smaller companies can look to for inspiration.

Literally cutting corners has never been part of Brickman’s philosophy, and it certainly isn’t what has allotted the company such immense success. Today, with so many small businesses, families, and corporations “going green,” it’s only natural that the people in charge of maintaining the green follow suit. According to the company’s website, “For 70 years Brickman has held a proud tradition of stewardship for the properties we maintain. This culture of caring for the environment, not just for today, but to last for generations, is what sets Brickman apart in the Green Industry.”

Some of the company’s environmentally sensitive landscape practices include:

  • Reducing landscape waste through on-site mulching and third party recycling
  • Use of organic fertilizers and hybrid programs
  • Use of biodegradable and recycled plant containers
  • Operating fuel efficient company vehicles
  • Running an efficient fleet of maintenance equipment that works more powerfully than any fleet in the industry
  • Pioneering the use of experimental low carbon emission equipment
  • Reduction of paper use in the company’s offices
  • Purchasing from local vendors to ensure healthier, more geographically appropriate plant material
  • Consistent and effective energy conservation

These are just a handful of ways that the Brickman Group has innovated or stayed up to date with environmentally conscious trends throughout their decades-long history. KKR, a global investment firm headed by Henry Kravis and George R. Roberts recently purchased the landscaping company; in its good hands Brickman is predicted to continue innovating green practices in the landscaping industry.

For companies like Brickman and others, sustainability has been paramount in finding continual success and raising industry standards. Landscaping methods that adhere to environmentally conscious longevity will prove to be the most successful.