Plastic waste kills many dolphins and other sea creatures each year.

DAPG is working to eliminate the practice of tossing plastic waste into the ocean.
Image: Shutterstock

There’s nothing like going on a whale watching trip on a sunny day.  You have your binoculars at the ready as a pod of dolphins emerges to jump and play with the boat.  People are snapping photos and having a wonderful time.

Yet, there may be a time in the future that such an activity will not be possible.  Whales and dolphins are being threatened by mostly human endeavors.  Because we dump so much plastic waste into the oceans, animals are facing the consequences.  Certain types of fishing nets are also causing problems.

The Dolphin Action and Protection Group is an NGO that works to protect dolphins and whales.  They seek to educate students as well as fishermen about how to save these beautiful creatures.  They also aim to protect and conserve marine habitat where these animals live.

Learn more about Dolphin Action and Protection Group and how it’s fighting to protect cetacean around the world.