global warming

If nothing changes, global temperatures will reach the 2 degree increase before 2050.
Image: Shutterstock

A new report from IPCC and a video from Globaïa poignantly illustrates just where the world is heading if we don’t change course soon. Each day, we get closer to climate disaster—the two degrees Celsius rise in global temperatures set by scientists as the limit of what earth can handle.

If nothing changes, by 2050 the global temperature will rise by more than two degrees Celsius. Already we can see the effects: melting Arctic sea ice, rising sea levels, extreme weather (typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes), and more.

Felix Pharand-Deschenes founded Globaïa, the Canadian nonprofit that put out the video below as a “call to action” for policymakers.

“If we are convinced of the seriousness of the situation, then political actions and technological fixes will result,” says Pharand-Deschenes. “But we have to change our minds first.”

Pharand-Deschenes says it will take a “war effort” and the world working together to change social systems and combat the real enemy: climate change. And it really must be a massive change—one that includes transportation, energy, resources, waste management, agriculture, and more.

Will we be able to come together in time? We sure hope so. Check out the Globaïa video below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Climate Change — The state of the science from Globaïa on Vimeo.