It’s hard to imagine what life for performing elephants must be like out of their natural habitat.
IMG: via Shutterstock

The Performing Animal Welfare Society of California is one of the best places an animal can go.  Often after nearly a lifetime of servitude, animals big and small can retire in peace on one of the three sanctuaries they run.

It’s hard to imagine what life must be like for a performing elephant, bear or tiger.  They live life on the road in small carrying containers not large enough to turn around in.  They often work in circuses or other traveling shows.  Their life must be hard being denied anything at all resembling their natural habitat.  In the wild, elephants roam hundreds of miles and have excellent memories and complex social bonds.  It must be depressing for them to be caged and put to work in repugnant situations.

So, knowing there are people out there ready and waiting to take these animals and give them a comfortable, natural habitat to roam is a relief.  PAWS operates on private and public funding, and the animals are worth every cent.

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