West Palms Beach, Florida

West Palms Beach, Florida IMG: via Shutterstock.

Rick Scott, governor of Florida, presented a new proposal this week that aspires to spend more than $1 billion improving water quality around Florida. The proposal would also expand land conservation efforts throughout the state. If the proposal is accepted, Gov. Scott plans to spend $500 million over the next ten years to protect the state’s natural springs, another $500 million on alternative water supplies in the same time period and $150 annually on conservation purchases.

Beyond that, Scott is pushing for Everglades restoration efforts and a harder stance on regulating pollution violations.

“We’ll ensure that Florida ’s treasures are protected for generations to come,” the Republican governor said on Monday.

These no-nonsense environmental plans are certainly inspiring, but many critics are claiming that his plan lacks detail such as where the funding would actually come from. Other critics also point out that Scott’s stance has much differed in the past and wonder at his sincerity. And some believe that the proposed Amendment 1 would actually give more protection to the state for two decades rather than one.

Regardless, Scott’s proposal certainly deserves consideration. As we move closer to larger global warming devastation, conservation and environmental efforts are more important than ever.

“Florida’s natural beauty is a big reason why this is the best state in the country to call home,” Scott said on Sunday. “Our natural resources are the foundation of our economy – they drive tourism, housing, business, and agriculture – and they deserve our long-term commitment. We’ve made record investments in Florida’s environment, but there’s more work to be done. With a $1 billion investment in Florida’s waters, an ongoing commitment to the Everglades, and tougher penalties for bad actors, we’ll ensure that Florida’s treasures are protected for generations to come.”