There are more ways to make your home eco-friendly than solar panels and temperature-regulating walls. An environmentally responsible home not only saves you money, but saves the earth too. Here are some ways to make your home more environmentally friendly.

eco-friendly house

1)   Use CFL light bulbs. It will save 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions if you trade in just 1 incandescent bulb for 1 CFL bulb.

2)   Unplug things. When you leave things plugged in, they are still using electricity. Unplug!

3)   Use extension leads. When you use multi socket extensions and turn them off when not in use, you can reduce consumption greatly.

4)   Have a party! Rather than turning on that heat, invite friends over. One person can generate the same warmth as a 100-watt heater.

5)   Keep your fridge in the shade. If you have your refrigerator in the sun it will force it to work harder to keep cool.

6)   Clean with vinegar. It’s a natural way to kill bacteria, germs and mold.

7)   Use a microwave. Kind of an odd tip, huh? Microwaves actually use 50% less energy than normal ovens.

8)   Use Eco-scents. Instead of chemical and synthetic fragrances, make your place smell great with 100% essential oils and non-aerosol scents.

9)   Grow your own houseplants. It will help improve the air quality in your bedroom or living area.

10)  When brushing your teeth, turn off the tap.

11)  Open up your windows. Excess humidity causes mold. If you don’t have mold, you don’t need to use harmful chemicals.

12)  Use cold water when washing clothes. Using cold water will save energy by reducing the water that needs to be heated.

13)  Multitask in the oven. Instead of just throwing one thing in, multitask and use both racks at the same time to bake or warm up food.

14)  Use energy-efficient cookware. Use glass, silicone or ceramic dishes. They can also reduce the temperature needed.

15)  Open up those blinds. 10% of energy can be saved when you open the blinds during the day to let the sunlight in and keep your place warm.

What other tips do you have to make your home eco-friendly?