There are many great ways to make your home spick and span without breaking the bank, or using harsh cleaning chemicals. Many approaches to cleaning that utilize products you already have stocked may actually be “greener” for your home, and the environment. The following ideas will save you time and money and will contribute to your sustainable lifestyle the next time you start cleaning at home.

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  • Do you have water stains on your wood tables? Believe it or not, spreading real mayonnaise on them and letting it set for at least four hours will take care of those annoying stains.
  • Too many watermarks and fingerprints on your sink? Use some wax paper to rub down your faucet.
  • Need to de-germ your sponge to ensure longer use? Microwave those little buggers for two minutes and then let the sponge cool before using.
  • If your sink starts getting stinky, grind a lemon using the disposal and get it smelling fresh quickly.
  • Your dishwasher getting a bit dirty? Set a cup of vinegar on the top rack and let the cycle run, without any dishes. Sprinkle a little baking soda if it smells too much like vinegar afterwards, and it will smell as good as new!
  • Is your iron getting dirty? Turn it on low and rub away the dirt and grime with dryer sheets.
  • If your drain is moving too slowly, mix either a concoction of baking soda and vinegar or salt and water and pour it down to help things move along.
  • If your coffee brewer is getting nasty, make a solution of water and vinegar and then run a half brew cycle to clean it out.
  • Are your window tracks getting dirty? Dip a cotton swap in yet again more vinegar to erase the window gunk.

What tips do you have for cleaning that don’t require harsh chemicals?