We’ve all heard the traditional ways to conserve heat in your home. Cover your windows with plastic, insulate the water heater, and use a blanket. But, there are some other less known ways to reduce the amount you spend heating your home every winter that you may not have thought of. Here are a few of them:


Use a heat lamp. Get that portable heater up nice and close to you, and then turn off the furnace that has to work to heat your entire house. Warm yourself with the heat lamp as you watch television or sit working at your desk.

Consider a clay pot heater. These things emanate a nice heat and since they are candle-powered, you have no need for kilowatt usage. According to True Activist, “This creative system uses the scientific principles of convection heat transfer,” and some have reported that even homemade clay pot heaters can warm a home for eight hours a day.

An inflatable chimney balloon can save you a lot of money. Warm air rises and chimneys in your house will give that warm air you need the perfect opportunity to get outside of your home. It is estimated to save you $100 a year and will pay for itself in a couple of winters.

Here are even more unheard of ways you can keep warm without ever turning on or adjusting the heat:

  • Clean your house or workout inside – it will get the blood pumping.
  • Open your windows during the day and let the sunshine in.
  • Do your laundry. There’s nothing quite like the warmth that comes from clothes fresh out of the dryer.
  • Drink a warm cup of tea, cocoa or coffee and warm up those hands.
  • Cook something like a stew, roast or soup to keep you warm.

What other creative ways have you found to reduce your heating bill?