The cold winter months often bring in party crashers like snow, sleet, and sludge. Stop putting up with their dirty nonsense this winter in your apartment once and for all. Below are a few cleanliness killjoys and the products that will make dealing with them headache free.

We all know that cooking can get messy. Making all those holiday cookies and caramels can leave your kitchen in a mess and those pots in the sink from utter frustration for days. However, these handy scrubbers are a beautiful festive metallic and will get the job done. The two-ply cloth and copper threads make doing dishes easy, and will last for a long time.

The holiday scents can get overwhelming in your house with a different scented candle in every room. Now that the holidays are over, reclaim your bathroom and make it a neutral zone with a natural hand wash that won’t leave you smelling like Aunt Betty all through winter.

Jackets in laundry room

When people come over for the holidays, it means their coats are also coming with them. Getting some wall hooks is a lot better than having those wet jackets thrown on your bed.

Are those little kiddos tracking snow onto your carpet and into your house? Stop that dirt and snow before it even enters with a teak mat that drains easily. This particular doormat is sustainably forested and is perfect for anyone who desires a weather-resistant mat that is also eco-friendly.

Just like your skin, your floors need a bit of moisture to guard against the snow being tracked in and frigid temperatures. Give them some ointment and maybe an almond solution that smells great too. According to Method, the company only uses ingredients that are “comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment,” making this cleaner an even better choice.

For more green cleaning products, be sure to check out this awesome list from Good Housekeeping.