There’s a huge market for green cleaning products for bathrooms and kitchens, which helps many people breathe easier knowing there are no harsh chemicals being used. But what about our bedrooms, where we spend a third of our day? Many people pick up the floor and vacuum fairly regularly, but we also need to keep allergens at bay and the air free of dust and debris.

Clean Room

But how do you keep your bedroom clean the green way? Try some of these tips:

De-clutter your room. Before you begin cleaning, de-clutter and organize your room. Get rid of items you don’t need, take out the trash, and eliminate unnecessary items.

Swap out your linens. Every night, you wrap your body in your sheets–so they should be clean. Have multiple sets of sheets (organic if you can afford it) so you can change and clean them often and they won’t get worn down. Clean without bleach and use an eco-friendly laundry detergent.

Don’t dry clean your pillows or comforter. Many items can be cleaned safely at home, saving you money and contact with harsh chemicals.

Clean all surfaces in your room, including tops of dressers, windowsills, and light fixtures. Try to avoid chemicals by just using a damp microfiber cloth.

Use an air filter. If you have an air purifier in your room, it can help keep allergies at bay and minimize polluted air. This is helpful especially in households with pets or located in the city.

Clean the windows. Once it’s time to rise and shine, you’ll be able see a nice clear view and not cloudy smudgy windows. Especially in humid climates, frequent window cleaning is a good idea because it prevents mold growth around the sills. Use some newspaper, water and vinegar to keep it green.