Maybe with Earth Day last week, your desire to be eco-friendly is somewhat heightened. After all, as we move into the future, protecting and sustaining the earth has become more important than ever. So how can you be more conscious about the environment and your health without adopting a zero-waste lifestyle or eating all organic? Here are some baby steps to get you started.


Opt for products made with beeswax when setting the mood in your home. Set that air freshener down and back away. Chemical sprays are just chemicals that smell good but do not promote good health. Try to set the mood by lighting 100% beeswax candles and keep the wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch.

Choose China plates. Banish plastics from your life whenever you can and drink from a China mug, store leftovers in glass bowls, and ask the local coffee shop to put your coffee in a biodegradable paper cup.

Use natural pesticides because although no one wants unwanted visitors but trying to get rid of them with big bad bottles of poison is not the answer. Try natural combatants instead. Flies hate the smell of basil and spiders detest citrus. If you have ants, wipe the counters with vinegar. Also, apparently mice can’t stand peppermint.

Instead of killing bacteria that has found its way into your home with harsh chemicals, take preventative measures instead. One of the simplest ways to help prevent dirt and bacteria from being tracked around your home is by taking off your shoes. Keep a basket for shoes at the door and few pairs of inexpensive footie socks for visitors who might get cold feet.

We already know that cleaning chemicals aren’t the best for us but still we all do it. Say goodbye to your commercial cleaners and find a way to make your own natural and safe cleaning products. Here are some handy tips for eco-friendly spring cleaning.