Environmental solutions provide industry to practice stewardship and maintain sustainable growth.

Environmental solutions provide industry to practice stewardship and maintain sustainable growth. Photo: Vadim Georgiev | Shutterstock.


Private equity firm KKR has announced an investment in Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), a leader in the ecological solutions market. KKR hopes to stimulate RES’s growth and help it develop as a company that contributes to society. RES’s environmental conservation commitment includes wetland and wildlife preservation, as well as providing commercial solutions to companies operating in environmentally sensitive areas.

Ken Mehlman, KKR’s Global Head of Public affairs, will be joining the Board of Directors at RES. A leader in ESG management, Mehlman explained, “This investment builds on our efforts to create value by improving the environmental impacts at KKR portfolio companies and also by investing more than $5 billion in companies whose missions are to improve the environment, build human capital, and solve societal problems.”

Since its 2007 founding, RES has worked with hundreds of companies across a vast number of industries including electric transmission and distribution, wetland restoration, mining and oil, and state and local governments. RES is the fastest-growing dedicated provider of ecological solutions in the country; the company’s mission is to deliver “client-focused solutions that facilitate investment and sustainable economic development while maintaining environmental stewardship.”

RES President and CEO Elliott Bouillion said that the company had chosen to partner with KKR deliberately because of their work in the ESG field. “After working with KKR for approximately 18 months, we ultimately concluded that KKR’s resources, expertise, and commitment to our mission make them an ideal partner for our next phase of growth.”

KKR will make its investment from its eleventh Americas Private Equity investment fund, and RES will join in KKR’s Green Solutions Platform, to support environmental initiatives in KKR’s portfolio companies.

“Our partnership with KKR allows us to complete out nationwide delivery model and evolve into a global supplier of ecological solutions,” Bouillion added.

KKR is a leader in ESG investment. “We believe that the thoughtful management of environmental, social, and governance issues is smart business and see it as an essential part of long-term success in a rapidly changing world,” KKR says.