Andres Santo Domingo

andres santo domingo

Andres Santo Domingo

Andres Santo Domingo is a native New Yorker. In his early years, he attended St. Bernard’s School for Boys and later the Hotchkiss School. He then attended Brown University, where he earned his Bachelor of Art in Comparative Literature. Today, he continues to be active in many endeavors, including promoting environmental sustainability.

Santo Domingo founded Kemado Records in 2002. It is a sister label to Mexican Summer and is one of the few labels that still supports the production of vinyl LPs. He married Lauren Davis, a contributing editor for Vogue, in Colombia in 2008.

But besides being New York record label executive and supporter of independent music, Andres Santo Domingo is also a strong advocate for Conservation International. He has not only donated money to the cause, but has also helped organize fundraisers for the non-profit dedicated to protecting natural resources globally.

Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo, their mother, and Harrison Ford at the CI dinner. Image: CI

Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo, their mother, and Harrison Ford at the CI dinner.
Image: CI

He and his wife have been on host committees for Conservation International and helped establish the Institute for Environmental Sustainability and Peach Exhibit. Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo were also on the host committee for Christie’s Green Auction, which benefits a number of environmental organizations and causes: Conservation International, Oceans, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Central Park Conservancy.

A true philanthropist, Andres Santo Domingo also gives back generously to all his alma maters. He and his wife are supporters of the arts as well, and regularly give to arts programs around the NYC area, such as MoMA and the Art Production Fund. Santo Domingo has also worked with DKMS, a nonprofit dedicated to gathering donors and finding a cure for blood cancer.