Billy Parish

Making Good book

Billy Parish co-authored “Making Good” with Dev Aujla

By the age of 21, Billy Parish was managing a $5 million coalition of college-aged environmentalists.  He began at Yale University, where he designed his own major in sustainable economic development.  Unsatisfied with the lack of widespread youth action on climate change, he began recruiting classmates for the cause.  During his sophomore year he organized events on clean energy that brought together tons of environmental groups to organize and build awareness.  By the time he was a junior, he had 80 employees and was working with the White House on promoting green jobs.

After co-authoring the book Making Good, Billy Parish worked to create a movement of young people to create jobs that were good for society while also making a decent living.  Making Good was co-written with Dev Aujla and outlines a plan for young people to become problem solvers and capitalize on the opportunities that come from today’s global challenges.

Although always interested in environmental conservation and clean energy, Parish says that the real inspiration and experience for Mosaic was born out of work he did in 2007.  Together with his wife, environmental activist Wahleah Johns and a team of advocates, he worked for Black Mesa Water Coalition to shut down coal plants that were contaminating water supplies in the Navajo Nation.

Parish along with Dan Rosen founded Mosaic, Inc. in 2012.  Mosaic is an online platform designed to connect solar power investors with solar installation owners.  The site collects investments and then provides loans for a fee to customers looking to raise capital for solar projects.  Investors also earn interest as the loan is repaid.  The company is based out of Oakland, California where Parish lives with his wife and two daughters.