David M. Rubenstein

David Rubenstein

David Rubenstein, Everybody Wins! DC Gala 2012.
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One of the largest private equity groups in the world, the Carlyle Group was co-founded by David M. Rubenstein.  A quick talker with superior business savvy, Rubenstein is passionate about rebuilding the economy and finding renewable energy.  He says the energy revolution is the number one sign that the economy is improving and the greatest sector investors can look to right now.  Rubenstein is also deeply patriotic and has purchased several important documents, including the Declaration of Independence that will be bestowed to the government he says just does not have the money right now.

A member of the group of billionaires who have taken The Giving Pledge, Rubenstein has already committed $10 million to Duke University for programs that will support environmental and energy policy students.  The donation includes the David M. Rubenstein Fellowship program, which will fund a Master’s in Public Policy for student that have demonstrated a commitment to public service through AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and other similar experiences.  It will also help fund internships related to policy for undergraduate students.  Over the years, Rubenstein has given over $50 million in gifts to Duke for various programs and facilities.


green energy

Students want to see fewer investments in fossil fuels and more in green energy.
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The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has named David Rubenstein the Chair in Energy and the Environment, which was established through a gift from Rubenstein.  He also sits on the CFR board.  The chairmanship supports a senior fellow studying global energy and environmental issues and how they relate to foreign policy.

Rubenstein sits on over a dozen advisory boards and councils various national cultural institutions and universities.  He grew up in Baltimore in a family of limited means and is very proud and grateful for his ability to achieve the American Dream of self-made success.