Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is an avid environmentalist.
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Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is famous for his smooth pop hits, but the entertainer is also an avid protector of the environment.  He found international success with the single “I’m Yours” in 2009, and now Jason Mraz has an organic avocado farm just outside of San Diego (“accidentally” he says) that sells to local restaurants. He’s also traveled the world supporting environmental and human rights causes.  He cites surfing as his first connection with nature, sharing similar inspiration to fellow songster/environmentalist Jack Johnson.

Mraz was interviewed for the book Sea Voices, published by a nonprofit organization in Southern California that promotes ocean conservation.  Mraz says he is frustrated and disappointed by the runoff that goes into the oceans near San Diego after it rains.  Surfing and the ocean taught him to become more sensitive to climate and a better steward of the land as well.  That’s why when discovered hundreds of avocado trees on his land outside the city, he revived them into an organic avocado farm.  The farm runs on solar energy and the community shares a hybrid vehicle.

avocado farm

Jason Mraz has an organic avocado farm just outside of San Diego.
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Jason Mraz also loves good vegan food and has been known to post his healthy exploits on social media outlets.  Most famously is his recipe for “chocomole”: avocado blended with dates, cocoa and avocadoes.  He travels with a large chef’s knife and a Vitamix blender to ensure he always has access to healthy food.  He started eating a mostly raw diet in order to help a friend who was diagnosed with type-two diabetes.

While the environment is a big cause for Mraz, his foundation supports a host of nonprofits that range from human rights, to the arts, to conservation, to medical recovery assistance.  The Jason Mraz Foundation gives to the Surfrider organization that supports ocean health, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, which researches and advocates for a wide range of environmental issues.  Mraz is also committed to touring “green”, using tree planting to offset emissions and encouraging fans to use reusable bottles.