John Rhea (NYCHA)

John Rhea NYCHA

John Rhea, NYCHA Chairman, works for the environment in New York

As the Chairman of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), John Rhea is one busy man. But he doesn’t let that hold him back. He’s a strong supporter of education and green living, and he integrates those ideals into his everyday work at NYCHA.

Appointed to his current position by Mayor Bloomberg of New York City in 2009, John Rhea has dedicated himself to creating a “stronger, more efficient and customer-focused New York City Housing Authority.” He knows the potential power of a community coming together and that great things are rarely accomplished by one person alone.

He’s supported education on a variety of fronts and has particularly focused in on those who need help the most. He’s the founder and director of the Council for Urban Professionals (CUP), which offers assistance to emerging minority professionals and entrepreneurs. John Rhea has also been an inspirational speaker on behalf of NYCHA for events like graduation ceremonies and garden openings.

This belief is one of the reasons that John Rhea is such a strong advocate for green living. Since his time there, NYCHA has made significant efforts and progress toward creating more sustainable communities and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. He’s overseen the creation of multiple green spaces and the restructuring of NYCHA’s physical buildings, working with other NYCHA employees to create resources for residents and make green living a common goal.

NYCHA’s success in this green initiative is commendable, and we look to its leader, John Rhea when we offer congratulations. As the largest housing authority in the city, NYCHA has about a half-million residents and therefore can be a great force for positive change.