Johnson & Johnson’s “Healthy Future 2015” Program

Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson, the health care products and pharmaceutical manufacturer, began setting environmental goals since 1987, before most companies were even aware of their environmental impact. In 2011, they announced their Healthy Future 2015 Goals, a set of goals that their company will work toward in order to significantly improve their environmental impact by 2015. Healthy Future 2015 consists of seven priorities, for which there are fifteen corresponding goals and targets.

Johnson & Johnson focuses on issues of global health, increasing philanthropy, partnering with sustainability-conscious companies, enhanced transparency, and several other key topics. Johnson & Johnson believes that by improving their accountability and their performance overall, they will be better able to protect the environment. They recognize that a healthy community goes hand in hand with a healthy planet.

Johnson & Johnson has set aggressive goals focused on reducing CO2 emissions, developing clean energy technology, waste management, building green buildings, reducing water usage, and partnering with environmentally-conscious organizations. Johnson & Johnson has been a leader in corporate social responsibility for over a hundred years, and their new ambitious environmental goals hold great promise.