Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a major player in the conservation movement.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a major player in the conservation movement.
Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Leonardo DiCaprio: you might remember him from his roles in such films as Titanic, Catch Me if You Can, and Inception. He’s acted in and produced films since 1989, has been nominated for the Golden Globe Award eight times, and has won once. He’s also a committed environmentalist who has been praised for his activism and efforts to promote sustainability.

Despite his stunning success as an actor, DiCaprio has chosen to do things like fly on commercial flights rather than private jets, and owns cars like the electric Tesla Roadster and a Toyota Prius. He’s called global warming “the number one environmental challenge,” and “one of the most important issues facing all of humanity.”

In 2010, DiCaprio donated a reported $1,000,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society. He also produced a documentary film, The 11th Hour, about the environmental state of the earth, which included input from politicians, scientists, and environmental activists.

He is one of the highest-profile environmental campaigners in the world, and his goal is to simply raise awareness of the issues we face. He established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, and has since worked with organizations like the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Oceana, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Dian Fossey Foundation.

In a speech for Earth Day in 2000, DiCaprio said, “We must set an example now and move environmentalism from being the philosophy of a passionate minority… to a way of life that automatically integrates ecology into governmental policy and normal living standards. We are entering an environmental age whether we like it or not.”