The National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife FederationThe National Wildlife Federation brings together a diverse collection of people and groups who all care about conservation: gardeners, anglers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, bird-watchers, nature lovers, farmers, scientists, and far more. The NWF boasts over 4 million supporters and 48 state affiliates, making it the largest private non-profit conservation organization in the U.S. The NWF utilizes this far-reaching network of environmentalists in order to protect sensitive habitats and endangered ecosystems across the country.

Through advocacy and education, the National Wildlife Foundation re-connects people to the wilderness around them. The NWF produces several publications for a variety of ages, such as National Wildlife MagazineRanger Rick, and Your Big Backyard. They also have a TV show, Wild Animal Baby Explorers, and have been used as an educational partner for feature films. These programs, alongside others hosted on university campuses and their Eco-Schools curricula, spread the critical message of conservation: if we don’t cherish and protect it, we will lose it.

The National Wildlife Federation provides volunteering opportunities for people who are passionate about restoring their own community’s habitats. The NWF encourages you to get your hands dirty as a habitat volunteer or work as an advocate within your community. Regardless of how it happens, the National Wildlife Foundation believes that if Americans are inspired by the wildlife around them, they will work hard to preserve it.