Seattle Tilth

Seattle Tilth offers a summer farm camp. Image:

Seattle Tilth offers a summer farm camp.

Seattle Tilth is on a mission.  Their mission is “to inspire and educate people to safeguard our natural resources while building an equitable and sustainable local food system.”

They provide classes and programs for kids and adults.  Some of the children’s programs include a summer garden camp and garden tours.  They give kids a chance to learn about soil, bugs, and edible plants while getting their hands in the dirt.  It also inspires children to learn how to grow their own vegetables and see how their actions directly impact the environment.

Some of the adult programs include plant sales, gardening classes, lectures and other fun events.

Best of all, Seattle Tilth has multiple community events throughout the year.  See their calendar for a listing of upcoming events.  They also have a blog with many exciting topics such as how to build your own raised garden beds or how to grow great tomatoes in the northwest.

Seattle Tilth: Learn. Grow. Eat. Image:

Seattle Tilth: Learn. Grow. Eat.

Seattle Tilth is a membership organization. Benefits of joining include connection to the organic gardening and social justice community, invitations to members-only classes and events, discounts on said events, a copy of the bi-monthly newsletter and the weekly e-news and

becoming a part of Seattle Tilth’s community and mission.  However, you can always volunteer!

A few more resources they provide are a garden hotline, garden store and organic landscaping consultation services.  With all they do, they keep the focus on the environment, helping spread the word about sustainable locally sourced foods and a commitment to organic gardening.