The Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium offers its visitors more than just a chance to observe the wonders of the marine environment.  It is dedicated to giving its visitors a hands-on marine experience while educating about conservation. Their mission is: “Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment.”

The Seattle Aquarium offers a variety of school programs that give children the opportunity to explore marine wildlife through engaging, hands-on activities. They even offer field programs where kids can participate in labs such as the Salmon Field Lab and Beach Field Lab. The aquarium also offers resources, workshops, and other professional development opportunities for teachers.

The Seattle Aquarium’s goal is to help make sure every visitor leaves the aquarium with greater knowledge about they can do to help the Puget Sound. Volunteers in The Beach Naturalist Program, called Beach Naturalists, help beach goers learn more about how they can have a good time on the beach without causing harm to it. These educators also share fun and interesting facts about the beaches and the wildlife that live there.

Helping consumers choose sustainable seafood is one of the Seattle Aquarium’s efforts to help preserve ocean wildlife. One of the biggest barriers to consuming sustainable seafood is that most people do not know which choices are sustainable choices. Working with other aquariums, the Seattle Aquarium is handing out a seafood pocket guide for sustainable seafood choices. In collaboration with local restaurants and retail suppliers, the Seattle Aquarium is helping these companies choose sustainable products to sell to their customers.

High on priority for the aquarium is sustainable green practices. With a solar hot water system they are able to reduce CO2 emissions by 2.5 tons every year. Recycling and lighting upgrades have also helped the aquarium reduce their impact on the environment.

Learn what you can do to help save the sound in the Seattle Aquarium’s handout.