People have the right to know what’s in their food. Personally I would like to know if I am ingesting foods that have been genetically modified to withstand chemical herbicides or, even more freaky to think about, to produce pesticides.

These foods are called GMOs. GMOs are a product of a technique called genetic modification, which produces “new combinations of genes and traits that do not occur in nature.”


Image courtesy of ilovebutter on Flickr

Whether you are against eating genetically modified foods or do not have an opinion on the matter, the bottom line is that people have the right to know how the food they are purchasing at the grocery store is made of and how it is produced. Whole Foods Market is one company that strongly believes in this, and they have been pushing for California’s Prop 37. Prop 37 calls for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.

In support of Prop 37, Whole Foods Market has been providing information to customers in their stores about GMOs in hopes that this new information can help them make more informed decisions about the foods they purchase. They have also been promoting Prop 37 through billboards, signs, and radio advertisements. Launching a three-day sale of Non-GMO Project Verified Products was their most genius idea of all; it was a great way to showcase and promote Non-GMO products.

Whole Foods wants to offer people the freedom to purchase Non-GMO items, but without the government making it mandatory to label genetically modified products, the company has no real way of knowing which foods contain GMOs. It is great to see a company working toward this opportunity that is in everyone’s best interest.

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