Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you might be thinking about what you are going to do with your special loved one. Are you out of ideas for gifts, dates, or just looking for a creative way to express your love? Here are some cute ideas for valentines day for that special someone one. And since this is an environmental blog, all about loving the Earth, these ideas are also eco-friendly!

braided grass ring

Image courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt on Flickr.

  • If you and your love interest are fond of playing Draw Something with each other, why not start a game on your smartphone or iPad and, rather than drawing the word provided, write or draw your own little message.  This will certainly catch your significant other off guard, and there is something quite charming about handwriting or drawing. Can’t think of anything to say? Can’t go wrong with “I Love You” or drawing an eye, heart, and a U.
  • Send your loved one an e-card and help save a whale in your Valentine’s name! Check out the Natural Resources Defense Council website to send a cute valentine that says, “Whale you be mine?”
  • Burning traditional candles, made out of Paraffin are not the best for the environment. Paraffin is a petroleum product, a nonrenewable resource. Some wicks also contain lead. Choose an eco-friendly candle this year for Valentine’s Day made out of beeswax or soy.
  • Buy organic flowers this year. Tons of roses are smothered in chemicals to get rid of pests. Can you imagine how many roses are purchased for Valentine’s Day? Checkout your local farmer’s market or organic flower delivery services like Don’t toss your flowers; compost them or dry them for a V-day memento.
  • Break the tradition of going out to dinner and escape the Valentine’s day crowds by cooking your loved one a homemade dinner. Food is the way to the heart! Here are some valentines day dinner ideas:
    • Try making personal Valentine’s Day pizzas together!
    • Want to go meatless? Go Italian with a romantic plate of spaghetti with mushrooms, kale, zucchini, and butternut squash. Add a side of bread.
    • Make chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert! Get your strawberries at your local farmer’s market
    • Staying in on Valentine’s Day? Be a kid again and make a fort! Make popcorn and watch a movie in your fort.
    • Hand make your Valentine’s Day card this year. Include coupons inside like “Good for one hug” or “Good for one back rub.” Need some card craft ideas? Check out the endless Valentine’s Day card ideas on Pinterest!