Seattle Tilth offers a summer farm camp.

Seattle Tilth offers a summer farm camp.
Image: Creative Commons, Beth Rankin

As we move into the future, more and more people are becoming aware that we’ve mistreated our natural resources, our earth, and our home. They are realizing that things must change if we want to continue living here without wreaking devastation on ourselves. But even among those who want to help, many don’t even know how to start.

That’s where organizations like Seattle Tilth come in. Located in the Seattle area, Seattle Tilth works to educate people on how to preserve our natural resources (not just that we need to). The organization also teaches individuals–both children and adults–how to go about building an equitable and sustainable local food system.

There are a variety of organizations out there dedicated to spreading the word about global warming, about climate change, about how we’re using up all our resources–but Seattle Tilth is among those that actually give people a way to help. They are making a huge difference in the greater Seattle area.

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