Americans for Prosperity

Groups like the Sierra Club and the EDF are pushing back against Americans for Prosperity.


Several environmental groups are launching a $5 million push to fight back against attacks from Americans for Prosperity. The billionaire energy moguls Charles and David Koch back the conservative group that seems to have their own interests in mind.

Sierra Club logo

The Sierra Club was founded by John Muir in 1892.

The groups fighting back include the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the American Sustainable Business Council Action Fund, who are utilizing the $5 million to help their Senate allies fight Americans for Prosperity (AFP), including Senator Kay Hagan and Representatives Bruce Braley and Gary Peters.

All three are in tight battles and have been targeted by negative ads from AFP. Since late 2013, AFP has spent nearly $30 million on ads in key Senate races. Most of the attacks from AFP this year have been targeted at candidates for supporting the health-care overhaul backed by President Obama.

The environmental groups are launching similar issue ads early this week on behalf of another Democratic House member, Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa, who is hoping to take over after the retirement of long-serving political icon Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin.

“We want to thank these lawmakers for providing strong leadership that promotes clean energy and protects clean air,” said EDF Vice President Elizabeth Thompson in a statement.

Edited 3/31/14, 11:48 AM PST: The American Sustainable Business Council Action Fund is participating in this campaign, but the American Sustainable Business Council itself has no in the effort.